January 24, 2021

Did you write bachelor?

Did you write a bachelor, masher, doctoral, graduate or other thesis?

And is there a time when you will surrender it and when will you have to defend it successfully? But with formatting and editing you don’t know what to do? Do you want to help with the grammar and stylistics of your work text? Or do you want to correct citations in the text or bibliographic citations in the bibliography? Do you miss the abstract translation? Contact us!

Don’t add unnecessary worries and entrust your bachelor, diploma, doctoral, graduate or other work to formatting and proofreading us. We will help you with everything and you will be sure not only of professional formal modifications.

When writing the final thesis, you should emphasize not only the content and quality of the professional, but also its appearance, resp. formatting, which is often very underrated. Just formatting is one of the most important factors significantly influencing the first and consequently the overall impression of your bachelor, diploma, doctoral, rigorous, graduate or other work. Professional formatting is such an important and inseparable part of any final thesis.

So take your final work at first sight! Final work is your business card!

What do we offer?

Primarily, we specialize in formatting written works (bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, graduate, etc.). However, you can contact us during the course of your studies and entrust us with the formatting and control of your semester, seminar and coursework, case studies, papers and essays.

Our services also include language, stylistic and typographic proofreading, as well as proofreading of citations in the text of the thesis (according to ČSN ISO 690 or APA standards) or proofreading of bibliographic citations (according to ČSN ISO 690 or APA).

Other popular and used services include the translation of abstract / annotation / resume and key words into English or German, processing a presentation or thesis for defending a bachelor, diploma or other written work.

Other services offered include the creation of graphs and tables, which we will create based on the materials supplied by you.

If you have already formatted your work, we can check the formatted work according to the instructions, resp. the guidelines of your school and the potential shortcomings revealed will be formatted and modified.

We will be happy to provide you with methodological support and advice during the course of writing your bachelor, diploma, graduate or other work.

We will check your match for other works (plagiarism check) for free, or have your work converted to PDF or PDF / A.

And it is not possible to miss the last service offered by us, namely printing and binding work.